Our Story

‘YOU™ Skincare’ is owned and operated by Amy Le, a laboratory scientist and skincare addict.  ‘YOU Skincare’ was borne out of a necessity to heal her own skin.  You can read Amy’s full story on her personal blog at www.pamperurselfgreen.com  

In 2014, Amy started to suffer from adult-onset acne. Determined to find a solution beyond prescriptions and medications, she began to seek out and test various products. She was looking for skincare that was safe and effective. She wanted to eliminate her acne and start her skin down a healthier path. After years of frustration and little progress, she finally decided to formulate her own solutions. Trust science and nature -together- to heal your skin; you don’t have to chose just one.  There’s a middle road.  That’s where ‘YOU Skincare’ comes in.