Our Story

'YOU™ Skincare' is the brainchild of Amy Le, a dedicated laboratory scientist and a skincare enthusiast. Amy's journey with 'YOU Skincare' was born out of her personal quest to heal her skin. To delve deeper into Amy's inspiring narrative, visit her personal blog at at www.pamperurselfgreen.com  

In 2014, Amy found herself grappling with adult-onset acne. Determined to uncover a solution that went beyond typical prescriptions and medications, she embarked on a quest to explore and evaluate a multitude of skincare products. Her primary criteria were safety and effectiveness. She yearned to bid farewell to her acne and set her skin on a healthier course. After years of dealing with frustration and witnessing minimal progress, she decided it was time to develop her own solutions. The guiding principle: Embrace both science and nature, uniting them in a harmonious balance to rejuvenate your skin. There's no need to choose one over the other; the middle path is where 'YOU Skincare' thrives.