Our Mission

‘YOU Skincare’ is a streamlined set of skincare products that focus on safe ingredients that deliver results.  Now more than ever, people are aware of all the chemicals we come in contact with in our daily lives, and we are starting to demand other options. ‘YOU Skincare’ offers you non-traditional preservatives in our products; a new skin-loving system of preservatives that not only protect the products from mold and rancidity but also benefit the skin. Our products are formulated carefully so active ingredients work in synergy and help your skin heal itself. You will never see any product from our line that doesn’t have a preservative; your safety is our number one concern.  We never recommend using a skincare product that does not contain preservatives, unless it’s a quick mask that you made yourself and can use right away.   

Our Promise:

‘YOU Skincare’ sources the highest quality, organic, wildcrafted ingredients whenever possible from both domestic and international suppliers. It is vital to us that our products contain ingredients that are scientifically-backed by studies that prove their effectiveness and give you results. Our products are never formulated with ingredients that have been shown in studies to be harmful to humans. All of our products are made in small batches in the USA.

We do our best to create high performance products but products require time to work.  There's no overnight miracle.  Please be CONSISTENT with your routine and allow time for products to work.  It can takes from 2 weeks to 3 months to see your skin's transformation :)

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The Best Acne Serum For Fading Red Acne Marks & Soothing Breakout Prone Skin - Amy Chang Clarifying Glow Serum is one of my all time must have which if I don’t have any back up, I can’t sleep -Mariko

this is the BEST hydrating/soothing/calming serum I have ever used! Period! No Doubt!" - Parita 

I am a big big fan of this cleansing balm!! It is soft and cushiony, with a nice light scent. It is so easy to massage into the skin, I never feel like I'm pulling or dragging my skin like I have experienced with other cleansers. And I love that it emulsifies with water so I don't have to use a washcloth. It removes everything without stripping. I absolutely love it."-Ruta

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Radiant Perfecting Serum

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Barrier Repair Cleansing Balm-YOU Skincare

Barrier Repair Cleansing Balm

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Restoring Cleansing Oil

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Restoring Cleansing Oil -YOU Skincare

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