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🌵 #youskincare Clarifying Glow Serum / Do you ever use a product and wonder how you ever lived without it? That’s how I feel about this.- Cindy from @lazyglow 

@you.skincare Clarifying Glow Serum, which is another product I will never be without. NEVER LEAVE ME - skinorama



"The Best Acne Serum For Fading Red Acne Marks & Soothing Breakout Prone Skin"-Amy Chang *read full review for our Clarifying Glow Serum*

"This (Clarifying Glow Serum) is powerhouse serum and it really helps keep my skin in check especially when it is acting up. I also feel like it has been helping fade acne scars which is a huge bonus!!!" -Ruta @eco_roots

"Clarifying Glow Serum is one of my all time must have which if I don’t have any back up, I can’t sleep." -Mariko @mimid_marobu

 "This one product (Clarifying Glow Serum) I love SO much. The only reason "I can't wait to use it up" is because each day it makes my skin brighter, more radiant, fades my red acne marks, suppresses my sun spots and makes my skin look healthier! This will definitely be an item I purchase again and again in the years to come. The founder is a chemist who struggled with acne and hyperpigmentation. She basically used herself as a guinea pig to create this highly efficacious and gentle product. This item is EXCEPTIONAL (the best I've tested thus far) at fading red acne marks and inflammatory hyper-pigmentation on Asian skin!" - Amy Chang @bondenavant


 "this is the BEST hydrating/soothing/calming serum I have ever used! Period! No Doubt!" - Parita *read full review here for our Essential Hydration Serum*

Clarifying Glow serum-This was the first product launched from the brand and will always be the superstar. It has 5% niacinamide, licorice root extract, alpha arbutin and more. It brightens, evens skin tone, protects and improves skin barrier function and helps keep acne at bay. It also smells so good!! @beauty_unplugged

"This serum is so much more than just a hydrating serum! It not only hydrates but soothes and calms down inflammation like nothing other" said Parita for our Essential Hydration Serum.

Moisture Replenishing Essence-This essence is so incredibly hydrating and soothing. @beauty_unplugged

Restoring Cleansing Oil- This beautiful thin oil cleanser is packed with antioxidant phytosterols and comes with an airless pump and smells so gorgeous. When I first tested this I was using it morning and night for 2 weeks—it is so intoxicating. It also emulsifies completely and removes makeup and sunscreen. @beauty_unplugged

Clarifying Glow Serum - I’m already on my second bottle of this niacinamide and nutrient-rich serum. It honestly does what it says - my skin has a nice glow after application, and with consistent use, this serum has helped combat some of my red marks and breakouts -Zoe @zd.skinobsessed

Essential Hydration Serum- This is a watery serum and really nourishes the skin with lasting hydration. It has a wonderful blend of carefully selected ingredients to soothe the skin. I highly recommend it for anyone who uses retinoids, acids, or is receiving skin treatments that increase transepidermal water loss.@beauty_unplugged

 "YOU Skincare easily becoming a favorite serum due to consistency, how glowy my skin gets while being gentle. This has been a welcomed addition especially while my skin has been breaking out............Love this serum!! The efficacy and gentleness is the power combo I always look for my sensitive skin."- Chrissy @honeyanddewskin


I came across this serum by Amy in Instagram and I have been deeply considering it but did not make the purchase until she offered a discount during the Lunar New Year. I decided to take the plunge and give it a try after reading so many rave reviews. I'm glad I did!! No regrets even though it is not cheap considering the currency conversion and shipping cost. I have oily combination skin with uneven skin tone and occasional break outs. I use this serum only once a day in the PM, 2 pumps application after my toner and first essence. After using this serum, I noticed that my face has a healthy glow, more even skin tone and also my breakouts heal much faster. I also like the scent of this product, very nice smell and the packaging is good too. I know that I'm unto a winner and it will continue to be a staple in my skincare routine!! Thumbs up to Amy for creating this wonderful serum and thanks a lot!! :)

This serum has it all!

I never had acne prone or troubled skin, but I have freckles and hyperpigmentation marks from sun exposure and aging, and since I frequently use acids my skin become dehydrated, so I was expecting so much from this product due to the fabulous ingredients list. I've used it religiously for the past months in a daily basis and yes, I noticed a big difference in my skin, not only my hyperpigmentation and freckles are less visible, but my skin is more even and balanced. In the mornings my skin always glows even after I rubbed my face in the pillow for the entire night! I truly believe that consistency is the key word for awesome results when the product I apply is very well formulated like the Clarifying Glow Serum. It spreads like a dream and a little goes a long way so I think the price is so worthy. This is a game changer and the only product I can rely on when I only have time to the basics, cleanse, hydrate and protect. Then I know, no matter what, my skin will be confortable all day.
I hope my third bottle arrives soon because this is the best serum my skin ever used!


The oil every skin needs

I have combination and sometimes dehydrated skin due to the long acids use so I enjoy ending my night routine with a good oil to seal the skincare routine. Look at the ingredients list of this oil!! It's so well formulated, so light and easy to apply, a little goes a long way and lasts for months, and if it's used after the Clarifying Glow Serum both provide all that skin needs. In the mornings when I wake up my skin is always balanced and bright and I enjoy it so much!


My must have!!

I started using this serum about 4 1/2 months ago. Immediately I saw my breakouts calmed down and started healing quickly. I wowed and kept using it at least once a day. After a month or so I noticed getting much less breakouts and not having big painful cystic ones. At the worst, I breakout on my neck to collarbones, too. I now rarely have any breakouts on these area. I'm using it twice a day, everyday because this serum isn't just "make acne heal fast", It makes my skin healthy and keeps my hormonal breakouts under control. It sinks into skin so nicely and goes seamlessly with other serums which is a big plus for me as I use other serums at the same time. Not like other acne products, this never dries out my skin. It hydrates and nourishes. I recently noticed my HIP very slowly fading!
Amy, a passionate brand creator and brain behind her great products, her customer service is always warm, friendly and full of information. She understands how healthy skin is important for us and knows the pain when we have breakouts. Ask her anything, she will answer all your question! I can't live without this serum and won't hesitate to recommend it to anyone. It is truly great serum.


Ive been loving this serum since day one.. smell gorgeous...absorb well on dampen skin .. pack full of all hard working ingredients that really help my hormonal breakout .. ever since I was using it .. I got less and less .. breakout when it happened .. it just healing up so quickly. . I normally committed use at least once a day.. morning or evening...and this serum not just help me with breakout .. it does help my skin balance well ..more even skin tone .. hyperpigment has fading .. and yes it give beautiful hydration too .. I would be so proud to recommend this serum to anyone even sensitive skin ..and not to forget a super friendly and helpful customers care .. Amy always be there to help what every questions you may have ..and for me this serum I wouldn't want to be without it .. MUST HAVE !!!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Holy Grail Serum

I have battled breakouts for 17 years. My skin has been through every harsh treatment available, prescription and OTC. As such, now in my early 30s, my skin is continually dehydrated and still prone to small comedones. Enter Glow Serum. This serum does EXACTLY what you want a serum to do. The hydrating properties are glorious. But what really puts it over the top is what it does for my skin's overall health. It battles and eradicates my comedones without sacrificing hydration. It slowly diminishes hyper-pigmentation left behind from old breakouts. The scent is beautiful. It sinks in quickly and leaves your skin plump and glowing. I have been using this product for almost two years. Use it consistently am and pm, and you WILL see results. I refuse to be without it!


Amazing product, have and will order again!

I was drawn to this product because it has some of my favorite ingredients like centella extract, licorice root extract, niacinamide, & sea buckthorn oil to make a powerhouse serum that fights & heals acne and also helps fade the lingering marks that those pesky pimples can leave behind. I used this serum twice daily and you only need a few drops to spread all around my face. I even mixed it with the Cosrx Snail Essence for an even easier application. It's fairly moisturizing so I was able to skip right to my sunscreen during the day. I started using this serum when my skin was at it's worst with several active breakouts along my cheeks and jawline. I didn't see results right away (and You Skincare does not make claims of that sort) but after a few weeks of use, my skin finally looks better. The breakouts have healed and I still have some marks leftover, but they are fading faster than normal. I've already repurchased this product and will buy again once I'm done with that bottle too!