Y.O.U Experience- L.M. Testimonial

L.M. is a long time customer of mine.  It’s incredible to read her testimonial! Reading and seeing people’s skin health improved gives me joy.  This is why I do what I do and why I never give up no matter how many obstacles came my way! This truly validates my belief that healthy skin can be achieved by being gentle with your skin.  

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Your ages range

above 30

How long have you been using YOU Skincare? *

3 years

How often do you use YOU Skincare? *

Every day

Which products from the line do you use? *

Clarifying Glow Serum

Moisture Replenishing Essence

Radiant Perfecting Cream

Skin Calming Mist


Barrier Repair Cleansing Balm

Restoring Cleansing Oil

Lip Whip

Multivitamin Restorative Face Balm

What's your typical morning routine? (products used, the order it is used in, how did you incorporate YOU skincare product in) *

cleanser, mist (lately, Skin Calming Mist), Moisture Replenishing Essence, NJAAS (about 3x per week), serums and face oil (mixed as an emulsion), and seal all the goodness in with Radiant Perfecting Cream.

This is my regular routine and the YOU Skincare products that I named are used in virtually every morning routine. I switch up my cleansers a lot, but I often useRestoring Cleansing Oilin my morning routine.

What's your typical evening routine? (products used, the order it is used in, how did you incorporate YOU skincare product in) *

cleanser, mist, Clarifying Glow Serum, serums and face oil (mixed as an emulsion), Radiant Perfecting Cream.

What skin issues were you hoping to resolve by using YOU Skincare? (please be as specific and detailed as possible) *

I was hoping to reduce my acne (about 1-2 painful bumps per month), and minimize hyperpigmentation on my cheeks and nose, and combat general signs of aging and skin dullness.

What improvements have you seen after using YOU Skincare? (please be as specific and detailed as possible) *

My skin is less reactive and oily and I have much clearer skin now that I have been using YOU Skincare for a while. I get very few breakouts after using Clarifying Glow Serumconsistently for 2-3 years. I stopped using it while traveling over the holidays and my skin was not pleased about it. As soon as I got home, I immediately started using it again and could see a difference after just a few weeks.

I even recommended Clarifying Glow Serum to my husband and now he uses it in his morning routine. I don't think he's had a single blemish since he started using it about three months ago!

Which product(s) from YOU Skincare impressed you the most and why? (please be as specific and detailed as possible) *

Clarifying Glow Serum and NJAAS are two holy grail products for me and I never want to be without them. I have much clearer skin after using Clarifying Glow Serum consistently for 2-3 years. I use 1 pump on my face and 1-2 pumps on my back. I used to avoid any kind of shirt or dress that showed my back, but I don't need to do that anymore! I can wear racerback tanks to yoga without feeling conscious about my back.

I have much softer, calmer, and more glowing skin after using NJAAS for about three months. I did not experience any sensitivity when I started using it. Beyond that, I could tell that I really liked it after a few uses but couldn't quite pinpoint why. A few weeks ago, I saw the esthetician I have been going to for about two years. She told me my skin felt so soft. I realized then that it was all thanks to NJAAS. I have been using one pump of this 3-4 days a week for nearly 3 months and have not had any irritation. There is a very slight tingling sensation when I apply it, but it is not uncomfortable and it goes away immediately.

What did you try BEFORE using YOU skincare? (conventional, green beauty, natural skincare, ingredient specific etc.) *

I have been using green beauty and natural skincare since 2015. I have tried MANY green brands since then. After a few years, I now know what works well for me and stick with those brands and products. I don't feel the need I once felt to try every new product just because someone else posted about a good experience with it. I stick with particular products that work for my skin. YOU Skincare is definitely one of the brands that I always want to have in my skincare arsenal!

What do you see is unique about YOU Skincare? *

YOU Skincare is run by someone who really knows her stuff about ingredients and is open about her experiences tackling her own skin issues. This authenticity and caring shows through in her emails to customers, newsletters, regular discount sales, and transparency. I give Amy a ton of credit for being a 1-woman skincare brand (and she has another full-time job!) who cares about customers.

After multiple orders, I can say I am impressed with the little things that YOU Skincare does. Packages ship immediately (same-day or next day) and shipping is always fast. The products are always wrapped and packaged well. It is nice that YOU Skincare offers sample options for most products so you can try the product before making a commitment a won't feel stuck with a full-size product that didn't work for you. I appreciated the upgrade to violet glass bottles about two years ago. Sure, the products are not cheap, but they are SO worth it.

Which categories would you place YOU Skincare in? (conventional, green, natural...etc) *

green and natural

What would you CHANGE about YOU skincare (if anything)? Truly appreciate your honest feedback! :) *

I don't always love the scents of the products. I know that they are natural scents and the idea is not for them to smell great or like they are fragranced, but there are a couple of scents that don't agree with my nose.