Hydration Set

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Dehydrated, barrier compromised, using too much acid or chemical exfoliants, fussy skin? Worry no more with these!  Our hydration set will help you get your skin back on track in no time!  

Skin Calming Mist:  The Skin Calming Mist contains the properties and benefits of an essence but deliver it in a weightless mist. Our formula is pack full of probiotics, phytonutrients, and antioxidants.  The Skin Calming Mist provides a cool, soothing step before your actives serums giving your skin a boost of hydration. The refreshing mist is fast absorbed leaves skin feeling calm, soften, hydrated and revitalized. Skin appears plumper and more luminous!  

Moisture Replenishing Essence:  YOU Skincare’s Moisture Replenishing Essence provides your skin with soothing hydration and replenishes nutrients thereby softening and comforting the skin. This unique formula uses healing extracts and actives that provide your skin with antioxidants and hydration. Our essence will help heal your skin from sun damage, help it fight free radical damage, help strengthen its barrier function, and prepare it to readily absorb other actives during the next steps of your skincare routine. YOU Skincare’s Moisture Replenishing Essence does not contain fragrance or essential oils. It will help to calm the fussiest of skins.

Essential Hydration Serum:  Hydration is essential for optimal skin health. Our Essential Hydration Serum is an intensely hydrating treatment that soothes dehydrated skin. It combines hyaluronic acid, provitamin B5, peptides, and many extracts such as mushroom, prickly pear, Amla, and cucumber to help replenish your skin with the lost nutrients it needs to become and stay healthy. Hyaluronic acid and sodium lactate are the top two moisturizing ingredients which are included in our advanced formula. They will bind moisture to the skin to give you long-lasting hydration all day. Essential Hydration Serum can be used alone or combined with other serums or moisturizers. YOU Skincare’s Essential Hydration Serum does not contain fragrances or essential oils.